Ladybug Revolution

Ladybug Revolution 7.0

Ladybug Revolution is a physics simulation model dealing with rotation
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Ladybug Revolution is a physics simulation model dealing with rotation. It features two small ladybugs that you can use for your experiments. The simulation has two modes. The first one, named "Intro", is a full-screen representation of a turning wheel. You can place one or two ladybugs on the wheel and see how the speed of the turning wheel changes the bug's velocity and acceleration. To turn the wheel faster, you simply drag it, and you can stop it at any time by clicking on it and holding it in place. There is a little window next to the wheel that shows the angle of the wheel, i.e. how many times it has rotated. It also shows the angular velocity. And you can manually change these values.

Perhaps the more interesting and useful mode is the second mode. It shows the same wheel and the same ladybugs, but it also outputs a considerable amount of data about the processes involved. You can also set the wheel to turn at any specific velocity or with any acceleration, without having to manually rotate it.

This simulation deals with the concepts of angular velocity and angular acceleration, rotation, and motion.

José Fernández
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